This is Katy doing an impression of a Giraffamingo right in front of one. Classyyyy. 
5.17 Three Waterloo Dom_5.jpg
5.17 Three Waterloo Dom_3.jpg
 Three let us do a **Waterloo Takeover** where we plastered our feathery friend in 15 diffferent places as one big old exciting walkthrough. 
 It's only the bloomin' imax! And the worlds biggest Three logo (possibly). 
 and at night time.. it lit up. All hail the giraff-amingo!
 This is Chloe on her INFLATABLE GIRAFF-AMINGO, Wo0ah. 
 .. and katy's deflaty one. 
 And we got to make this superbly HUGE special build called Westfield Wall. It's a wall. In Westfield. 
 And Katy + fam for scale in case it's not coming across JUST HOW BIG this mega wall is. IT'S BIG. And a tad 3D. **SPECIAL**
 AND FINALLY the stores put loads of fun stuff in them like this. We loved it. Kids loved it. Chloe's mum loved it. 
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