Us and the guys over at Chambord HQ were worried that people might have forgotten what a cocktail is, so we made some mega jols videos to remind them. Basically, a Chambord cocktail is one of your normal fave drinks, but with a delicious dash of fruity fun Chambord added. So, without the Chambord it's not a cocktail, and what's that? All together now... LAAAAAAAAAME. SLASH ALSO NOT A COCKTAIL.

We had a mad time trying to pick abstract cocktails (and by cocktails we mean sausages > sausage dogs, feathers > shuttlecocks, and world globes > snowglobes) to dangle in the background, and heaps of fun shooting the whole thing with the effortlessly cool and endlessly talented Chambabes Director Jess Bonham and Set Designer Anna Lomax.

Made with Chloe Cordon. Creative Directors: Sophie Bodoh + Scott Dungate.