Hallo there.
This is a website of things I have made.
From 4 years of freelance jobs like Art Direction/ Set Design/ Art Department Assisting / Graphic Design/ Food Creation and Maker-of-whatever-needs-to-be-made-now-pls-thanks-katy for brands n clients n artists n music videos n tv n films n mags n yougetit

I'm now a sensible person with a job called
I do it solo-oh-noo at Wieden + Kennedy, London.

Before 9 and after 5 I do a lot of things with clay and felt pens and paint, which you can find in the supermarket or on @katyedelfriend. I currently have a piece in the Royal Academy Summer Show and am keen to talk to galleries about representation slash keen to talk to anyone about anything.

pls talk to me: edelstenkaty@gmail.com


Some art stuff:
Royal Academy Summer Show Exhibition, 2019
Group Exhibition, Local Artist Pop up, Brockley 2019
Group Exhibition ‘But you look fine’, Shoreditch, 2019
Contributer to a5zine April 2019
BadAss Gal Illustrations for D&AD 2017
Dazed X Ghostpoet Openshoot winner 2015
Drink Shop Do Exhibition w/ Hannah Myatt 2014
Southbank Shop window Exhibition w/ Hannah Myatt 2014
Joint Exhibition + speaker @ The Jerwood Space Out of Hours Exhibition 2013
Contributer to The Burning Sand (Sarah Lowndes, Glasgow School of Art) 2012

Some advert awards stuff:
Cream '16 / D&AD New Blood '16 / Creative Conscience '16
Youtube Top 10 ads of the year 2017/Shots Awards Top ads of the year 2017/ Youtube Top 10 ads of the year 2018

Some human awards stuff:
BadAss Gal Nomination 2018
Best Use of Theatre from the W+K Sandwich Club '17 / Not Being Dicks Award W+K '17 Dude of the month July 2017

Some adult sensible stuff:
Trends 2018 Digital Arts Mag
Why mentoring is v.v.v.important Digital Arts Mag

Some of my nicer looking stuff has been featured in
Le Book, Notion Magazine, YCN, Dazed Digital. 
And some of my “brainier” stuff has been featured in
CNN, The Daily Mail *KERCHING*, Time Out, The Spectator, The Huffington Post.

This is a little bit not what i look like

This is a little bit not what i look like